Try Climbing

About the Try Climbing Session

The Try Climbing session is a 1-hour guided climbing experience. Your safety will be taken care of by our skilled Guides so all you need to be concerned about is getting to the top. The session will be progressive, starting out bouldering and eventually taken on one of our 12m walls. You set your limits and our crew will encourage you every step of the way.

Try Climbing sessions run hourly and on-demand. Sessions are non-exclusive, so parties booking on the same time may be combined with a maximum guide to participant ratio of 1:5.

1 Guide : 5 Climbers

* Fee includes Entry and ALL Equipment
** Sessions are scheduled hourly everyday
** Advanced booking is highly-recommend as spaces are limited

Participants under 18 will require an adult/guardian present when registering for the session.

There is no age restriction however we recommend kids under 6 are accompanied by an adult or older sibling.

What to bring: gym attire, socks (for use with climbing shoes), padlock for the locker, towel, toiletries and change of clothes if you wish to shower after the session.


FAQ about the Try Climbing Session.

Whats the minimum age for someone to participate?

There is no minimum age. Essentially if the kids are climbing the furniture at home, they're ready to Try Climbing. We do recommend that kids under 6 be accompanied by a participating adult or older sibling.

Is the price different for kids?

The fee is the same for all as everyone will get the same amount of equipment, care and attention.

Do I need to book in advance?

No. But we do highly recommend booking ahead, particularly on weekends and public holidays as spaces are limited. We maintain a strict ratio of 1 Guide to maximum 5 participants. So our ability to accommodate a walk-in booking will depend on whether we have spaces left.

How do I book?

Go to Or you can contact us via the details provided in the footer of this website. If you're booking via email or social media message, be sure to provide your contact number so we can call you back to confirm. No deposit required.