Private Coaching

Climbing is intrinsically personal. We are all unique, with our own goals and ambitions, our individual strengths and weaknesses. Whilst Camp5 courses and clinics are an excellent way to learn the fundamentals, adapting new skills often requires more personal, focused instruction. Camp5 Coaches are approved based on their portfolio of personal and professional experience. Many have competed internationally and send routes beyond 8a grade.

Camp5 Coaches work independently, coordinate inquiries and bookings directly with their clientele.

Private Coaching Fee

Two fee structures are provided offering the choice of 1 or 2 hour classes. Discounts are applied based on the number of classes you purchase and for shared bookings.

All fees shown in the table do not include Gym Entry or Gear. As is Camp5 Policy kids under 8 years of age will receive free entry. Once the child turns 8, standard entry fees will apply.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All payments must be made directly to Camp5. Client is to present a copy of the payment receipt to the coach as confirmation.
  2. Coaching fee does not include gym entry or gear.
  3. Discounts for number of classes require advanced payment of total fee.
  4. Discounts for group size is based on 100% attendance on ALL classes.
  5. All bookings must be made directly to the coach.
  6. It is recommended that you confirm ALL your classes at the time of booking.
  7. Cancellation on any booked class must be made with 48hours notice.
  8. A late cancellation or no-show will be considered a completed class.
  9. Notwithstanding negotiations with the coach, the validity period for classes is determined by a ratio of 1 class per week i.e. 6 classes is valid for 6 weeks.
  10. Strictly no refund or value transfer for unused/unattended classes.
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Meet Our Coaches

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Akandos - Senior Coach

A keen outdoorsman, Akandos passion for the hiking lead him to climbing. With 10 years experience, his approach to improving climbing is based on an awareness of the importance of general fitness.

Works at Camp5 1Utama, Eco City & Jumpa
Fluent in English, Malay and Chinese
Contact Akandos: coach.akandos@camp5.com

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Adreen - Junior Coach

Adreen always believes in education through climbing activity. Work well with kids & youth. A certified AMGA climbing wall Instructor with 7 years working experience with Camp5 - present.

Works at Camp5 Eco City
Fluent in English and Malay
Contact Adreen: coach.adreen@camp5.com

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Ana Maria - Senior Coach

Ana Maria has been passionate about sports and nutrition for all her life. Accumulating climbing experience of 10 years. She is a certified AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor, Lifeguard and TRX trainer.

Works at Camp5 1Utama, Eco City & Jumpa
Fluent in English, Spanish and French
Contact Ana Maria: coach.ana@camp5.com

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Andrew - Senior Coach

Andrew has over 13 years of climbing experience and has participated in many international competitions. He is also a Certified Fitness Instructor and Functional Tools Coach accredited by ACE.

Works at Camp5 1Utama
Fluent in English and Malay
Contact Andrew: coach.andrew@camp5.com

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Aqil - Junior Coach

Aqil's growing passion for rock climbing inspires him to build a fun and educational experience for climbers. Aqil has 5 years of climbing experience and a certified AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor.

Works at Camp5 Eco City
Fluent in English and Malay
Contact Aqil: coach.aqil@camp5.com

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Evelyn - Junior Coach

‘Adventure is an attitude and lifestyle choice. It represents your heart's intention and passion for life, consistently brings you to achieve the better and greater version of yourselves.’- Evelyn Chew.

Works at Camp5 Paradigm Johor
Fluent in Chinese, English and Malay
Contact Evelyn: coach.evelyn@camp5.com

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Francis - Senior Coach

With nearly 20 years of climbing experience under his belt, Francis is a familiar face in climbing, having represented Malaysia in the World Championships, Asian Championship and XGames.

Works at Camp5 1Utama
Fluent in Chinese, English and Malay
Contact Francis: coach.francis@camp5.com

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Izzat - Junior Coach

A climber who enjoys climbing both, outdoor and indoor, with 7 years of climbing experience. A certified National route-setter. Izzat represented Malaysia at the Asian Games 2019 & IFSC World Cup 2019.

Works at Camp5 Utropolis & Eco City
Fluent in English and Malay
Contact Izzat: coach.izzat@camp5.com

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Josh - Junior Coach

Josh is an ACE Certified personal trainer who enjoys training hard. He has built up a strong foundation in teaching effectively to help climbers attain skills and build confidence in your climbing and fitness.

Works at Camp5 1Utama and Eco City
Fluent in English and Malay
Contact Josh: coach.josh@camp5.com

FAQ about the Private Coaching

There is no minimum age our coaches are happy to get you kids climbing right.

Class scheduling must be made directly with your coach. Please keep in mind that many of our coaches are freelance so its wise to book your sessions at least a week in advance.

No, you will need to purchase a 1 Day, 10 Pass, or 3 or 12 month term membership in addition to your Private Coaching fee. You will also need to pay the rental charges for any gear you don't own.

Note that Camp5 Free Entry Policy of members under 8 years of age will still apply for kids on Private Coaching.

Generally sessions are no transferable. However transfer may be granted in case of prolonged absence of injury at the discretion of the Coach and Management.

Group sessions cannot be split. If you are looking to take advantage of the group discount for shared coaching sessions, please just make sure everyone in the group is committed to join each session.

No, however at the discretion of Management we can transfer the unutilized value to a another service.

Our Coaches understand that in todays busy lifestyle it can be a challenge to stick to a schedule. Provided you can give the coach 24 hours there should be no love lost. But please do make it regular. Repeat or late cancellations, or a no-show may result in voided class. Please understand that many of our coaches work freelance and so they incur their own inconvenience and expenses in travel to Camp5 to provide your coaching session.

Send us your questions via email to climb@camp5.com