Learn to Lead

So, you've been climbing top-rope for a while now and you feel you're ready to lead. Leading is a natural progression of climbing; to be independent, to be able to step up to a wall, choose a line, and climb it. Only by tying into the 'sharp end' of the rope, can the climber explore 'the zone' located just above the last clip. Such freedom however inherits new risks, requiring new skills and experience.

Camp5 eases your transition from indoor top-roping to outdoor lead climbing via two progressive instructional courses. However there are some prerequisites that needs to be met by anyone seeking to take the lead.


  1. All Participants must be 15 years of age or older
  2. All Participants must be competent in basic top-rope belay.
  3. All Participants must be comfortable climbing 6a grade on Top-Rope.

To find out more about the Lead Wall Courses, download this flyer.

Take the Lead Wall Course

The Lead Wall Course (LWC) covers all aspects of lead climbing on an artificial climbing wall including leading gear review, clipping, fall factors, lead climbing, belaying and fall techniques. At the conclusion of the course, you should have lead and belayed on not less than 3 routes and be eligible to continue to climb in Camp5 as a lead climber.

4-12 Students

* Fee does not include Harness, Shoes or Belay Device. You will need to rent these if you do not already own your own.
* Entry Fee not included.
* 20% Discount for 3, 6 & 12 month term holders
** Course are scheduled on demand. Register your interest at Camp5 and we'll contact you once a date is set.
** Advanced booking required

Participants under 18 will require an adult/guardian present when registering for the course

What to bring: gym attire, socks (for use with climbing shoes), padlock for the locker, towel, toiletries and change of clothes if you wish to shower after the course


Take the Lead Rock Course

The Lead Rock Course will build on your LWC experience adding elements inherent to outdoor lead climbing. You will be introduced to quickdraws, slings and webbing, advanced knots, anchors building, gear retrieval and single pitch self rescue techniques.

The course will be conducted at one of KL's nearby rock climbing sites typically Batu Caves or Bukit Takun area. Ground transport is not provide. Camp5 will help to facilitate options for carpooling. A rendezvous location will be determined once course date is confirmed.

4-8 Students

In addition to LWC; * Food & Transportation not included.

Participants under 18 will require an adult/guardian present when registering for the course

What to bring: this is an outdoor program so dress appropriate and be prepared for the possibility of rain. Good walking shoes is a must. Sunscreen and hat are advisable if its a sunny day. Be sure to bring plenty of water (min 1.5L). Don't forget your camera so you can record the adventure!


FAQ about the Lead Courses

What is the minimum age to participate?

The recommended minimum age is 15.

Is the price the same for students?

The course fee is the same for everyone, however the entry fee on the LWC will differ for Students vs Adult.

When does the course run?

Lead Course are scheduled on demand. Typically they run once a month. Register your interest at Camp5 and we'll let you know once the next course is scheduled.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes. The course will only be scheduled once we see we have enough people registered.

Once I have completed the LWC can I continue to lead climb in Camp5?

Yes. Upon graduating from the course, your member profile will be upgraded to Lead Climber.

The Prerequisite 6a Grade, what does this mean?

6a is the French Grade for the route difficulty. The equivalent YDS grade is 5.10a or 19 for NZ/Aust. Since most of the routes on Camp5's Lead Wall and outdoors, are above 6a, it would not make sense to enroll on the course unless you are very comfortable to climb this grade. By 'comfortable' implies that you can climb a route of this grade without too much effort.