A career in climbing is a challenge anywhere in the world. For those who really want it, Camp5 will help make your career ambitions a reality. We welcome you to the team.




When Camp5 opened its 1Utama outlet in 2005 it set out on a mission, to make it possible for climbers to carve a career doing what we all love. Since these humble beginnings we have grown our team to over 100 full-time, part time and contract crew who share our passion for climbing and the benefits we provide to communities.

Our investment in the growth of our team comes in the form of a training system that provides equal opportunity to anyone seeking to learn and improve. We stay true to the ethos of climbing, respect others, work hard, stay committed and you'll be rewarded.

We provide internal training along with internationally recognised certification. Our long standing membership to the Climbing Wall Association and provider for American Mountain Guide Association Climbing Wall Instructor Program, combined with our collective experience, is your assurance that the training we provide equals or exceeds the standard around the world.

When all is done, it is our crew that proudly wear our uniform and uphold the values or Camp5; professionalism, quality of service and a customer-comes-first outlook in everything we do, that's makes Camp5 such a great place to work.


The entry position for most seeking to explore a career in the climbing industry starts in front of operation. Few roles are as diverse and provide the scope to get hands-on in different areas of a climbing gym operation. Think of this position as the first step, from where you can explore a wide range of challenging roles to specialize in.

No experience is needed.

Starting Rate: MYR 6/hr*
Average Earning: MYR 9-12/hr
Shift Duration: 7-8 hours*

* Salary increments and benefits are built into the training plan. Average Earning takes the combination of salary increments and benefits earned by a crew by month 6. 

Camp5 is seeking enthusiastic and outgoing applicants for the Gym Operations positions. This customer-focused position includes the majority of tasks required to run the gym on a day-to-day basis. Gym Operations staff provide a diverse range of services to our customers including, but not limited to, sales, membership maintenance, risk mitigation, opening and closing duties, and group program facilitation.

Building positive relationships and a strong gym community is an important component of this position. Previous customer service experience is preferred. Camp5 employees are expected to be flexible and dynamic in their willingness to confront challenges of any kind and contribute to the success of their team.


Facilitating the Customer Experience

  • Provide high-quality customer service in a way that fosters a positive community consistent with the Camp5 vision and values
  • Go the extra mile. Meet our guests more than halfway and foster a personal connection with our patrons through conversation
  • Greet individuals on the way in and out of the facility
  • Take phone calls, resolve issues, and be an expert resource in the facility
  • Give facility tours and share your enthusiasm for climbing
  • Educating customers, provide safety advice and the general sharing of tips and advice
  • Balance the demands and needs of multiple customers simultaneously


  • Present yourself in a friendly, authentic, and professional way.
  • Wear designated staff apparel while working
  • Be clean and approachable in your appearance
  • Show up on time and pitch in extra when needed
  • Take pride in being prompt and professional in all work
  • Know our business basics such as phone number, website, address, hours of operation, gym stats, and pricing on common services

Product Knowledge, Advocacy, and Sales

  • Be knowledgeable about all the services Camp5 offers and help customers find the service that best suits them
  • Aid customers in all things membership-related such as sign-ups, freezes, cancellations
  • Verify that all climbers have purchased access to the facility
  • Operate our gym management software and conduct point of sale transactions
  • Keep up to date on gym events and seasonal offerings and recommend to customers when appropriate

Managing Risk

  • Monitor the gym and mitigate unsafe situations before they become a problem
  • Verify Camp5 visitors have current waivers and all necessary certifications
  • Educate climbers on best practice techniques including downclimbing, spotting and falling techniques when bouldering
  • Take corrective action when needed to maintain safety standards

Dirty Work & Unpredictable Tasks

Working in a climbing gym is fun and rewarding but not always glamorous. Camp5 employees are expected to be flexible and dynamic in their willingness to confront challenges of any kind.

  • If it needs fixing and you have the skill and time, consider fixing it.
  • If it is dirty and needs cleaning, clean it when you have the time.
  • If your help would improve the situation for our customers and your co-workers, help out.
  • Engage unexpected tasks with an open mind and a positive attitude.


Hours and Availability

  • Part-time positions available ( 10 – 25 hrs a week)
  • Shift duties will be divided between time spent at the front counter assisting with sales and guest check-in, and time spent in the climbing area performing safety patrols
  • Must be available to work weekends and weeknights

Experience, Skills, and Certifications

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Climbing experience is preferred but not essential.
  • Customer service background is highly preferred
  • Basic computer skills required including familiarity with Microsoft Office and Google Drive
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in person, and through email, and phone
  • Individuals must be highly organized and able to maintain complex personal schedules

Environmental and Physical Demands

  • Able to work in a loud, high energy environment
  • Comfortable speaking in front of and providing instruction to large groups
  • Comfortable working at height and moving up and down a climbing wall
  • Continuously stand and walk on unstable and uneven surfaces for long periods of time
  • Able to repeatedly lift, move, and carry up to 20kg of weight on a regular basis
  • Able to balance, kneel, pull, push, and grasp objects as needed


  • Pay Rate: MRY 7-10 per hour DOE
  • Commissions on programs
  • Free entry to Camp5 climbing facilities.
  • Discounts on Camp5 programs

Send in your Application

If this role interests you and you feel you are a good match for the team. We’d love to hear from you.

Use the contact form below or email :

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    Routesetting is a crucial task for Camp5 since routesetters are responsible for creating and maintaining the quality and diversity of climbs that Camp5 seeks in each of its facilities.

    We are looking for creative individuals that possess an above-average understanding of climbing movement so that they can create products that reflect the quality, fluidity, consistency, and enjoyability that our customers expect on a daily basis.

    No prior route setting experience is needed.

    Starting Rate: MYR 7-15/hr*
    Average Earning: MYR 17-25/hr
    Shift Duration: 7-8 hours*

    * Starting salary is depending on experience. Salary increments and benefits are built into the training plan. Average Earning takes the combination of salary increments, commissions and benefits earned by a crew by month 6. 

    As a candidate, you are encouraged to apply even if you do not meet all of our requirements. You should note your transferable skills, experiences, and ideas that make you a good candidate. The ideal candidate will possess a mastery of climbing movement and excel at working in team and individual environments.


    • Setting part time 1-3 days per week depending on the demand of the facility
    • Forerunning and analyzing the climbs that have been set
    • Ensuring that all climbs meet the facility’s quality and safety standards
    • Adhering to facility policies and protocols for work at height
    • Establishing work zones and cleaning up
    • Stripping, washing, and sorting holds
    • Organizing and maintaining equipment
    • General maintenance
    • Other work at height tasks


    • Bring a positive attitude, professionalism, and eagerness to be a role model in our community
    • Comprehensive understanding of climbing movement in a wide range of styles
    • Adaptability, creativity, empathy, flexibility, strong work ethic, attention to detail, passion
    • Strong desire to improve as a climber and routesetter
    • Lead climbing proficiency
    • Ability to work occasional long days and off hours
    • Ability to work well in a team, be receptive to feedback, be collaborative
    • Ability to forerun at least 6b and V4

    Preferred Skills

    • Prior setting experience would be an advantage
    • Work at Height experience and/or familiarity
    • Competition climbing and setting experience
    • USAC routesetting certifications and/or experience

    This position can become full time with additional responsibilities in coaching and/or shift leading.

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    If this role interests you and you feel you are a good match for the team. We’d love to hear from you.

    Use the contact form below or email :

    Be sure to include your latest CV.


      Coaches at Camp5 are educators, mentors, representatives of our industry, the climbing community and the Camp5 brand. The Coaches role supports a variety of programs from individual private coaching services through to leading our competitive youth teams. Coaches work closely with the Director of Coaching to deliver sessions based on a client analysis and goal-setting sessions.

      Coaches are engaged as contracted crew. Camp5 does not delegate coaches to clients, we leave this decision entirely in the hands of the customer. This means, aside from commitments on our regular scheduled programs, Coaches can choose their clients and manage their own schedules for private coaching. This makes it possible to coach in the evenings and weekends and balance your other commitments to work and family.

      What you can earn: MYR 35-60/hr*

      * Depending on experience. Increments and benefits are built into the Camp5 Coach training plan. 

      Coaches are frontliners, so professionalism, punctuality and presentation are key requirements along with a depth of knowledge and experience in climbing movement. Perhaps the most important quality of a coach is the desire to teach. The ability to make learning engaging and easy to understand. And a passion to want to help others to achieve their personal climbing and fitness goals

      For the right candidate, Camp5 provides comprehensive training for the role of Coach.


      • 2+ years climbing experience in indoor sport climbing
      • Ability to breakdown, teach, and critique climbing techniques to climbers of all abilities
      • Strong communication skills: interpersonal, public relations, conflict resolution, motivational skills
      • Must be friendly and people-oriented; able to connect with clients
      • Strong decision-making skills: critical thinking, adaptability
      • Willingness to work as part of a team
      • Relentlessly pursues personal development opportunities
      • Ability to work weeknight evenings and weekends
      • Ability to coach private lessons

      Preferred Qualifications

      • 1+ years experience coaching & instructing climbing with youth and adults.
      • Hold an instructorship award in the disciplines of top-rope and/or lead climbing.
      • CPR/First Aid certifications (WFR when relevant)
      • 7a / V5 Redpoint Level, 6c/V4 Onsight Level
      • Competition experience strongly preferred
      • Route Setting experience
      • Experience climbing both indoors and outdoors
      • Ability to read and understand v8/5.13

      Position Responsibilities

      • Impart to the clients the maximum, appropriate level of knowledge and skills
      • Support Identification and recruiting of potential team members
      • Be an ambassador for Camp5 and for the sport in all interactions with clients or the public>
      • Record (as directed) all daily curriculum & participant performance
      • Understand and execute the program curriculum and all instructions from the Head Coach
      • Provide feedback to the Coaching management team on a regular basis
      • Communicate and coordinate with other departments in fulfillment of duties and responsibilities as directed
      • Contribute to the design and delivery of age-appropriate & risk-managed climbing programs that meet the goals of the climbers, teams and the business
      • Coach recreational and competitive teams and be available for competitions and team events throughout the year and specific school breaks or holidays
      • Attend all mandatory training sessions or meetings as directed by the Director of Coaching Head Coach and the Assistant Head Coach
      • Ability to manage your time clock appropriately

      *A Climbing Wall Instructor or comparable certificate will be required in order to complete the Coach induction training. If you do not have a climbing instructor qualification Camp5 can provide it.

      Reports/logs to be delivered to direct supervisor: Director of Coaching

      Send in your Application

      If this role interests you and you feel you are a good match for the team. We’d love to hear from you.

      Use the contact form below or email :

      Be sure to include your latest CV.


        The Camp5 Eat Well Café applies a scratch kitchen philosophy, preferring to make as much as we can in-house. This way we can control ingredients to provide healthy meal options for climbers and our customers. If you like the idea of working in an environment that combines climbing, fitness and cooking, the Camp5 EWC could be for you.

        Whether you’re a fresh graduate from culinary arts school or managed your own café, we have opportunities in the kitchen, service and in F&B management. Regardless of position, every one of our Café crew interacts with the customer. All the traits of a good customer service person are expected; polite, friendly, and presentable.

        Join us if you have a love for food (beyond eating it) and seek a work environment where you can marry your culinary interests with an active lifestyle and meet lots of interesting people. If you have great hospitality skills, work well in a team, can remain on your feet for long stretches, then check the tab below to read more and send us an inquiry CV. We’d love to hear from you.

        Starting Rate: MYR 6/hr*
        Shift Duration: 7-8 hours

        * Starting salary is depending on experience. Salary increments and benefits are built into the training plan. 

        As a candidate, you are encouraged to apply even if you do not meet all of our requirements. You should note your transferable skills, experiences, and ideas that make you a good candidate. The ideal candidate should possess a mastery of healthy food and excel at working in a team and individual environments.


        • Presenting menu options & processing orders from clients and should have the ability to serve clients satisfactorily
        • Responsible for deal transactions and in bill processing
        • Participating in line cooking and prep cooking in the back kitchen
        • Ensure café cleanliness daily
        • Communicate effectively with team members and management on work schedule, training new crews and resolve any interpersonal issues as needed
        • Handling customers concerns and complaints professionally and calmly to resolve problems according to the café’s policy
        • Maintain a neat and tidy appearance and adhering to the company dress code


        • Possess complete information regarding all approved hygiene policy and standards
        • Ability to carry out required tasks in an accurate manner
        • Ability to maintain composure during rush hours
        • Ability to present bills, take orders and deliver them to clients in a timely manner
        • Possess willingness to assist kitchen staff
        • Ability to deliver top quality customer service and assistance
        • Ability to recommend meals, side orders, and deals to customers
        • Possess good knowledge and understanding of menus and be willing to direct clients on how to make their choices from the menu
        • Flexibility to work on nights, weekend and public holidays
        • Must be a team player

        Preferred Skills

        • Possess skills in proper handling of kitchen equipment, like Barista machines, microwaves, and fryers
        • Basic communication skills in English
        • Previous restaurant or cashier experience

        Send in your Application

        If this role interests you and you feel you are a good match for the team. We’d love to hear from you.

        Use the contact form below or email :

        Be sure to include your latest CV.


          Are you a wiz on Social Media? Can you hold a crimp in one hand and in the other capture a magic moment, pair it with a witty caption and send it out to the universe, before your feet land back on the mat?

          We’re looking for a savvy marketeer to help build our engagement across all Camp5’s social media channels. The right person should have work experience in digital/social media marketing, developing, implementing, and monitoring strategies and campaigns. An eye for detail, strong design sense and excellent English skills are a must as you’ll need to create posts and write your own copy.

          As a Social Media Marketing Specialist, you will be playing a pivotal role in building brand awareness. You will also be responsible for connecting with new climbers and increasing engagement and retention with existing members.

          This role can morph into a Marketing Manager position for a person with the right skills and who shares our passion for climbing and community. Being a strong climber is not necessary but you will need to speak the lingo so a reasonable amount of climbing experience will be an advantage.

          Salary depends on experience
          Full or Part-Time Options

          Role of the Social Media Marketing Specialist

          • Contribute to building our brand positioning and expressing the inclusiveness of Camp5 climbing gyms.
          • Lead the execution of social media marketing campaigns from start to finish.
          • Stay connected with climbers, be tapped into trends, market analysis, and marketing best practices to build strategies that are thoughtful and align with our brand positioning
          • Go where we haven’t and explore new channels/platforms to reach a broader set of audiences
          • Conduct analytics reporting across platforms to extract key insights to improve future campaigns
          • Contribute ideas, submit proposals and provide recommendations for strategies, including but not limited to paid search and social media, SEO, email marketing and landing pages
          • Partner with the management team to design, test and evolve lead nurturing, conversion, retention strategies, and increase the lifetime value of our customers
          • Manage the social media marketing budget to reach optimal results


          • Have an eye for design that is timeless, fun, and vibrant; able to conceptualize, ideate, and execute on graphics across digital media including (email marketing, blog, website, social, advertisements)
          • Work with our photographers/videographers partners to develop creative briefs, and guide creative direction to meet objectives for all public-facing communications, including print, digital, and video assets
          • Execute on online and offline multi-channel campaigns across the customer lifecycle, ensuring the alignment of communications and messaging across these channels
          • Gather customer and market insights to inform outreach strategies, increase customer conversions, and generate quality leads
          • Identify effectiveness and impact of current marketing initiatives with tracking and analysis, and optimize and iterate based on data
          • Present ideas and final deliverables to internal stakeholders across the team, communicate with the management team about marketing programs, strategies and budgets


          • Proficient with online marketing and social media strategy, having planned and bought digital media such as Google / Facebook ads
          • Minimum 1 year of marketing experience
          • Skilled in editing software (Adobe, Canva)
          • Basic photography and videography (including editing) skills would be an advantage
          • Excellent written, verbal communication and interpersonal skills
          • Strong project management, multitasking, and decision-making skills
          • Metrics-driven thinking with an eye for creativity
          • Experience with marketing automation and CRM tools is a bonus

          Send in your Application

          If this role interests you and you feel you are a good match for the team. We’d love to hear from you.

          Use the contact form below or email :

          Be sure to include your latest CV.