How to Start Climbing

So, you're interested to get into climbing? Great! Taking your first steps has never been easier. We have a team of proffessional Guides and Instructors, ready and waiting to lead you through your first steps on the wall.

To keep things simple, we have two options to choose from. For those who are unsure whether they'll like climbing, you can get started with a Try Climbing session. If you are already determined to learn to climb, we recommend you enroll on the Basic Wall Course.

Try Climbing Session

The Try Climbing session is a 1-hour guided climbing experience. Your safety will be taken care of by our skilled Guides. All you need to be concerned about is getting to the top. The session will be progressive, starting with a warm-up and some easy bouldering before taking on the higher walls. You set your limits and our crew will encourage you every step of the way.

Try Climbing sessions run hourly and on-demand. Sessions are non-exclusive, so parties booking on the same time may be combined with a maximum guide to participant ratio of 1:5.

1 Guide : 5 Climbers

* Fee includes entry and all equipment
** Sessions are scheduled hourly everyday
** Advanced booking is highly recommended as spaces are limited

To find out more about the Try Climbing sessions, go here.

Take the Basic Wall Course

The Basic Wall Course (BWC) is your first induction training to climbing. Designed for beginners or climbers looking to refresh their skills, the BWC curriculum covers the knowledge and skill necessary to earn eligibility to climb in Camp5 independently.

You will learn about each piece of equipment, its correct use, care and maintenance and safe climbing practices applicable to top-rope sport climbing including, how to tie-in, proper belay technique, buddychecks and commands, we'll also cover basic climbing technique, bouldering and spotting.

4-12 Students

* Fee includes ALL Equipment
* Entry Fee not included
** Advanced booking required

To find out more about the Basic Wall Course, go here.

FAQ about getting started.

There is NO minimum age. We often say once a child starts climbing the furniture at home, they're ready for Camp5. However, some of our programs do have age prerequisites.

For the Try Climbing session there is no minimum. We do require kids under 6 to be accompanied by an adult or older sibling..

For the Basic Wall Course, the recommended minimum age is aged 13. Participants aged 10-12 may attend if accompanied by a participating adult. Special request via email is required.

The Course Fee is the same for all as everyone will get the same amount of equipment, care and attention.

However if your are booking the Basic Wall Course the Course fee is not inclusive of the Gym Entry. The Gym Entry Fee is by age category; Kids (under 8) are free, Youth (8-12), Junior (13-17), Adult (18+). View the full Climber Fee options here(

Yes. For the Basic Wall Course, advanced booking is necessary to ensure we can confirm the class.

For Try Climbing we may take walk-in booking is space is available. We maintain a strict ratio of 1 Guide to maximum 5 participants and reserve the Guides based on the number of advanced bookings. Our ability to accommodate a walk-in booking will depend on whether we have spaces left.

Select the outlet location in the booking list above, chose the session date and time and click to join.

Yes, of course. Both Try Climbing and Basic Wall Courses are not exclusive. We will combines bookings on the same programs.

For the Basic Wall Course we require a minimum of 4 participants in order to run the course.

Send us your questions via email to climb@camp5.com