Freezing Membership

We understand that life can be unpredictable. A motivation to make climbing a regular activity in your life will always be prone to circumstances. Work and Family commitments would and should come first (at least for the latter). Fortunately we make it easy to work around those unforeseen issues without losing out on your climbing.

As per the general T&C of Camp5 Membership. The option to freeze membership is at the sole discretion of Management.

FREE Freeze for Injury, Pregnancy and life's little Emergencies

Camp5 will freeze your membership without charge if your reason for freeze warrants sympathy and/or support. This would include, injury, pregnancy. You simply need to provide us a written request (email is fine) and copy of your doctors letter.

Vacations, Work Travel or other reasons

For reason that don't fall into the free freeze policy, we offer a paid freeze option. The charges include a RM30 Admin Fee + RM1 per day of freeze. So a 30 day freeze the charge will be RM60.

FAQ for Freeze of Membership

Can any term be frozen?


How do I apply to freeze my membership?

All requests must be in written format. Email is acceptable.

What happens to my membership while it is frozen?

Your account will be disabled and cannot be used while frozen.

How do I unfreeze my membership?

In order to re-activate your account you simply need to request to unfreeze your term when you're ready to check-in. This means we don't apply any fixed freeze end date. We leave that for you to decide. Upon reactivation of your account, the number of days frozen will be added to the original expiry date of your membership. The Camp5 Desk staff will inform you if there is any charges applicable based on the calculated no of days frozen.