Find A Partner

One of the most common questions we receive is "How do I connect with climbers?". Whilst Camp5 does provide for climbing solo by use of Autobelay or Bouldering, much of the walls of Camp5 are for roped climbing and thus require a climbing partner. So building a connection with like-minded climbers will definitely increase your climbing time and experience.

Bring a Guest

One of the easiest ways to expand your personal climbing circle is to introduce climbing to your own friends, family and work colleagues. If you are over 18 years of age, and already receive independant access to Camp5, you are eligible to bring 2 Guests with you anytime you climb. To encourage you to take advantage of this option and share your passion Camp5 gives FREE ENTRY for your Guest on their first visit, if made on a weekday (public holidays excluded).

Join a Program

At Camp5 we make finding a climbing partner easy. To begin, if you are starting out on the Basic Wall Course, then it's likely you'll be sharing your first steps with up to 11 other new climbers, so remember to swap contacts at the end of the class so you can hook up later.

If youve already leanrd to climb, we have other programs where you and meet other climbers. Enroll in the Poetry of Movement workshop or go on a Outdoor Guided Trip.

Use our Social Media

We have built a solid community of climbers in our own social media, you can start by posting on our Facebook Page to let climbers know you're keen to meet up. Or check out the facebook pages of Climb Malaysia and Malaysian Bolting Fund if you are interest to explore taking your climbing outdoors.

Join TheRoutelist Community

Camp5 has also expanded the online routelist to enabled you to create a buddy list, in fact, if you login to TheRoutelist using Facebook, we will connect you to climbers from you own Friends list. You can also use the filter setting to search for potential climbing buddies based on preferences like, age, gender days available and climbing grade. Think of it like match making for Climbers ;)

Finally, just come and climb. The climbing community of Kuala Lumpur is full of individuals like you, who are keen to meet new climbers and share experiences. So just being in Camp5 will provide opportunity to meet and find a climbing partner.