Climb Outdoors

Rock climbing began in the mountains. What better place to experience climbing and push your ability. Camp5 provides programmes for all abilities and experiences. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a day out of the city; or a regular top-roper looking for something new; or even an indoor lead climber wishing to apply your skills outdoors; Camp5 has you covered.

Jungle Climbing Experience

Come experience rock climbing in the tropical rainforest. Beyond the tourist template of Batu Caves lies an abundance of limestone crags and home to hundreds of bolted sport climbing routes. Bukit Takun is situated 30 minutes north of KL, the walk to the rock is steep and can be slippery when wet. Solid shoes is highly recommended. Be sure to bring your camera, the views are amazing!

Designed as an exclusive booking session we tailor the outing to suit your objectives. Absolutely no experience needed. All equipment is provided. Our experienced and certified outdoor Guides will care for your safety. So all you need to do is climb!

RM700*: 1-5 people
+RM100 for every additional person.
9am - 3pm
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 12

* Fee includes all equipment
* Advance booking is required
* Fee does not include food/water or transport. Bring 2l fluids and all the snacks you need to fuel your climb!

Guided Outdoor Top-roping

Move beyond plastic and ply and put your skills to the test on the terrain that gave birth to this sport. Come explore the outdoors with us, as we venture to locations around Klang Valley, from Damai to Big Hole at Bukit Takun. Climbing on real rock will push you to expand your repertoire of techniques.

Available only to Camp5 Top-rope level climbers, these guided sessions will allow you to venture outdoors, but with all the familiar safety precautions in place. Top-ropes will be set up for you to climb and our Guides will be on hand to give you beta. Route grades will vary by site, 5a up to 6b.

+ RM25 (Harness, Shoes & Belay set)
9:00am - 2:00pm
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 20

* Fee excludes personal equipment (add RM25 for full gear)
* All participants must be top-rope skilled
* Advance booking required
* Fee does not include food/water or transport.

For more information on the Guided Outdoor Top-roping program, checkout this flyer.

FAQ about getting started.

Do I need to be a experienced climber to climb outdoors?

Yes and No. The Outdoor Guided Top-rope program you need to be competent in basic top-rope climbing, however if you do not have any experience then the Jungle Climbing Experience is for you.

What to bring?

Bring lots of food and water, insect spray and sun cream. Bring a rucksack to put it all in and any gear that you want to bring with you.

What to wear?

Wear loose clothing and remember there will be bugs around so you may want to cover up.

What should I do if it's raining the day before?

Provided the contact you gave us when booking are correct, you can expect us to contact you the day before to confirm the status of the program. However if you do not hear from us, please do call us per the contact numbers listed here.

What will happen if it starts raining while out climbing?

We will try our best to either re-locate to somewhere that has more shelter or sit and wait it out. Unfortunately we are unable to refund you due to the climbing gods feeling grumpy!

Can I cancel before the day?

Yes, check the respective course leaflet for more information.