How to Earn Climb Miles

Climb Miles are Camp5's very own loyalty point rewards. We celebrate every time you climb by giving a little back. Each time you check in and out. Every time you Host a Guest and with every purchase you make, you will earn Climb Miles.

Climb Miles can be used to redeem on special offers of term memberships or climbing gear from the proshop. These specials will be annouced via our noticeboards and on social media. So be sure to like our Facebook page and stay tuned for Climb Mile point redemption specials.

FAQ about Climb Miles.

What can I redeem my Climb Miles for?

Throughout the year Camp5 will announce special offers redeemable with Climb Miles. It might be a membership term, new harness, a technical workshop or even a converted value to charity.

How do I stay informed on Climb Miles offers?

Announcements will be posted on through social media, noticeboard and sent out via email. So be sure to like our Facebook page, keep your email address current and tag us as not Spam, so you don't miss out!

How do I find out how many Climb Miles I have?

Your point balance total is tagged to your member profile, so you can ask the Camp5 Desk Staff. We will also provide your total Climb Miles in our email announcement.

How many points do I receive?

For purchases you receive 1 Climb Mile for every 1 Ringgit spent. You receive between 10-25 Climb Miles each time you Check-in and Host a Guest, the value of which changes from time-to-time.

How much is a Climb Mile point worth?

The default value of 1 Climb Mile = 1 sen. However depending on the special offer, the point value may be increased by a factor. So the points you earned as a Host can go from being worth RM0.50 - RM5 redeemable value depending on the offer.