Bring A Guest

Climbing is a passion best shared. As a Camp5 member we have made it possible to share your love of climbing by offering the option to bring a friend, family member and/or work colleague climbing.

In fact you can bring 2!

As a special privilege, your Guest entry fee is FREE if they make their first visit on a weekday (excluding public holidays).

To be eligible to bring a Guest, you simply need to be a competent climber, have satisfied the prerequisite skills for independent access and be aged 18 years or older.

Conditions for Hosting

The two main conditions for hosting a guest are
1 - The Guest cannot belay you (the Host).
2 - Guest must remain with their Host at all times.

FAQ about Hosting a Guest.

What is the minimum age to be a Host?


How many Guest can I Host?

Maximum 2 at one time

Do I need to book in advance?

No. Since both Guest and Host effectively enter Camp5 as a member there is no need to book. Your Guest(s) will need to register on their first visit, the same way you did. Each Guest will receive a "yellow" Guest Access Card which must be displayed on their harness at all times.

Can I teach my Guest to belay?

Whilst we do not encourage teaching your Guest, provided you are backing-up your Guest by providing direct supervision and controlling the 'brake rope' while they are on belay, you can allow your Guest to belay another climber. However your Guest cannot belay you.

If I am a Guest, how can I upgrade?

As a Guest, you can upgrade on your 5th visit to Camp5. This means that if you sign in as a Guest on your first visit, you will need to make 3 more visits under the supervision and guidance of a Host before you will be eligible to upgrade. To shortcut this process, we recommend you take the Basic Wall Course, or any other formal training from which you can provide proof for certification.

Are there any other benefits for the Host?

Yes, you earn Climb Miles for every Guest you Host, all the more reason to share your love of climbing.