Book a Birthday

Combining climbing, games and good food, Camp5 Climbing Gym and Eat Well Cafe provides an excellent option for hosting your child's next birthday party. As climbing comes naturally, you can be assured that everyone can take it up - even the Adults!

Camp5 offers a number of standard party formats and can tailor activities to suit the kids age, size of group and ability. Our experienced staff will take care of safety and challenge your kids ensuring no-one is left out. We have an array of climbing related games and even a mini-competition to choose from.

Programs can be 2 or more hours inclusive 1, 1.5 or 2 hours climbing activity and followed by fully-catered party in the Cafe. The most popular format is 1-hour Climbing + 1-hour Party.

1 Hour Activity
1.5 Hour Activity
2 Hour Activity

* Fee includes ALL Equipment
* Guides will be provided at a ratio of 1:5 kids
* Discounts apply to groups of 20 or more kids
** Advanced booking required

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