Enter as a Climber

Are you eligable for Climber Entry?

This flowchart provides a quick reference to the Camp5 policies that determine eligibility for entering independently, outside of our guided progams. The right of access is determined by age, experience and competency.

First Step is to Register

Before gaining independant entry to Camp5 you will need to register and create your very own Camp5 Member profile. There is NO FEE to register. If you are making your very FIRST VISIT* we invite you to get the process started by clicking the button link below to register online.


*Membership at Camp5 is FREE and for LIFE. If you have visited Camp5 anytime in the past, chances are your profile already exists. Click YES in the first screen to locate it. Otherwse for First Time visitors seeking to enter independently or as Guest. Click NO in the first screen to create a New Member profile.

Registering your details does not imply you will receive independent access to Camp5. Independent Access is granted based on whether you have aquired the prerequisite skills and experience to be considered competent to climb unsupervised.

View the full Terms and Conditions of Membership

Prerequisite Skills Required for Independent Climber Access

To receive independent access need to be experienced and competent in, bouldering safety and/or rope climbing safety skills including fitting harness, tying into the rope, belaying, appropriate use of climbing commands and an applied buddy check practice. If you have climbed independently in other climbing gyms and/or outdoors you should have no issue gaining entry to Camp5. However it should be noted that some climbing gyms are set up differently, where the belay device is preinstalled on the rope and attached to a ground anchor or where the tie-in knot may be replaced by 2 locking carabiners. If this is the setup you're familiar with you may not receive independent access to Camp5.

"What if I am only bouldering?". Camp5 does offer boulder-only access to climbers who can provide sufficient evidence that they are an experienced boulderer; a member card to another climbing gym would be ideal. Boulder-only access is granted on the condition that you will remain in the bouldering area.

Novice (Non-skilled) Climbers aka Guests

If you are new to climbing, or not sufficiently competent to gain independent access, you can still enter Camp5 as a "Guest" of an experienced climber who does have independent access approved. The Host member must be 18 years of age or older and must accompany you at all times. A Host climber can take up to 2 Guests into Camp5 at one-time. Parent can take up to 2 Guests in addition to 3 of their own kids. This is a great way to introduce friends and family to climbing.

The Host can bring their Guest bouldering and belay them on top-rope. Under no circumstances can the Guest belay their Host. The lead wall is off-limits to any Novice Level (Guest) climbers.

A Novice Level (Guest) Climber may upgrade to gain independent access only on their 5th visit to Camp5. To fast track, enroll on a Basic Wall Course and immediately receive independent access.

Check here for more information on Hosting a Guest

Age Restrictions

Another important consideration in gaining access to Camp5 is age. Anyone under 13 years of agemust be accompanied by an competent adult climber.

The Membership Application Form will require a Parent or Legal Guardian to authourise for any climber under 18 years of age.

Once your application has been processed, you will be eligible to use Camp5 as per the Climber Entry Fees.

Your Safety is Our Highest Priority

At times we may have to prohibit access to Camp5. Of course we do not want to stop anyone and do so only out of concern for climbers safety. If you have been denied entry, we invite you to email us climb@camp5.com at if you have any questions on how you can gain entry to Camp5.

Watch the Video Orientation

FAQ about Becoming a Member

Are there any other benefit to becoming a member?

Yes. Ultimately the cost of climbing will become a lot cheaper as a member, not to mention the convenience of being able to come and go as you wish.

For Parents, gaining membership offers huge advantages as kids under 8 enjoy free entry when accompanied by a adult member.

Depending on which term of membership you take, you may also enjoy additional privileges and discounts on gear and technical training courses.

As a member you will collect Climb Miles, loyalty points that you will be able to exchange for sale items or special discount on membership that comes available from time-to-time.

Provided the email address you supply us with is valid and up-to-date you may also receive special gifts, free passes and birthday vouchers.