The Walls

Floor and Wall Plan

Camp5 at Utropolis is a wide and spacious bouldering gym. The entrance is located at level 1 directly in front of the main escalator. From the Check-in Desk you will see the Spittle Boulder. Making your way, past the Cafe the locker rooms are access via a plaform to your left. Or go right and you be facing the Flock Boulder and start of the Quantum Wall. Follow the Quantum Wall round to the right you'll find the training boards.

Meet Our Walls

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Directly in front of the changing room platform you will find Submarine Boulder, with its slabs and shallow aretes this is a great wall for beginners or to warm up.

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Beyond the Spittle lies Flock Boulder. On the window facing side are long technical slab sections for testing balance and precision stepping.

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On the opposite side of the Flock boulder you'll find the wall gets a little steeper with wide diahedrals, on slightly overhanging terrain, ideal for technical problems.

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Running from the entrance along the right side the Quantum Wall grows gradually steeper with wide faces perfect for big volume problems.

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Wrapping around the corner the Quantum Wall gets seriously steep, offering long sustained overhangs perfect for a pumpfest session.

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Opposite the Quantum Wall are the training boards. For those looking to take their climbing to next level, you'll find tension, campus and hangboards.

FAQ about the Walls

Who built Camp5's Utropolis Walls?

The walls were built by Walltopia, world leading climbing wall company.

How many boulder problems does Camp5 Utropolis have on the wall?

Plenty enough to punish yourself on. Though the exactly count changes, you can check the currently routetlist out here: VIEW ROUTES