About Camp5

Live Above.

Welcoming both aspiring and seasoned climbers. Camp5 sets the standard for indoor climbing in Asia. Our facilities are spacious, air-conditioned, and offer full amenities. We provide a host of services including; full term or casual membership, gear rental, shared club membership, corporate team building programs, birthday party packages, youth programs, private coaching and outdoor guiding services..

The courses and services we offer are of the highest quality and are designed to help guide the first steps and hone your rock climbing skills. Whether you are taking a 1-hour introductory Try Climbing session, the 4-hour Basic Wall Course induction training, Advanced Course or Private Coaching, you will be in safe hands of a skilled and experienced Camp5 Guide, Instructor or Coach.

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Your Safety is Our Priority

At Camp5, your safety is our highest priority. Our Staff are trained and certified. Our walls and equipment are regularly inspected and maintained at a frequency that typically exceeds international standards.

However, despite every effort we make to minimize the risk, any form of climbing, whether bouldering or climbing on a rope, exposing the participant to real and inherent danger and risk of injury or death that maybe beyond our control. Therefore the first step for anyone interested to engage in this sport is to accept the risk inherent to climbing.

Second only to safety is customer service. Our Staff are always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you might have and to help you get the most out of your climbing in Camp5. We love climbing and we look forward to share our passion with you!

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Rock Climbing and Community

Camp5 wants you to discover climbing - the ultimate urban fitness lifestyle activity. Join Camp5 and become a part of a positive and growing community! Unlike a treadmill, indoor rock climbing encapsulates the experience of climbing outdoors. Every wall is your personal mountain with multi routes carefully choreographed by our setters to test your endurance, strength and technique. Rock climbing can be described as vertical tai-chi. The movements are flowing and low-impact making it appropriate for people of all ages and making climbing the perfect family activity. Our members span generations and genders, as climbing can be enjoyed by literally everyone, your only limitation is the one you construct in your head. Open your mind and free yourself from fear and doubt and you will be astounded by what you can achieve. We climb not to achieve the summit, but for the challenges we face to get there. Only through adversary do we define our true potential, and there is no more fair and objective adversary than gravity.

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